To whom it may concern,

On February of 2010 I made a decision to build a house of my dreams on Arcadia Road, Bantry Bay.

Marc Jardine, owner of Lightopia, was called upon to work alongside the builder and electrician, on all custom LED and green lighting, with fittings included.

His role was to be the lighting designer as well as supplier of all fittings, LED”s and dimmer systems; this is inclusive of down-lighters, decorative and functional ambient lighting. He also designed and installed all LED garden and landscaping lighting, which was very important to me as the garden is my prize possession.

Marc is efficient, well priced and easy to work with. His after sales service is impeccable and continues to be, long after the project was complete. Marc always shows initiative and brings solutions to challenges incurred along the way. His work ethic is that of a professional and he and his lighting team cannot be faulted. He is on time, ready to work and is hands on with whatever project it may be.

I am extremely happy with the outcome of the lighting in my home. Most importantly, due to Marc and his knowledge, I am saving a tremendous amount of money on electricity.

I am sincerely grateful to Marc and the Lightopia team for a job well done.

Many thanks,




Hi Marc.....Some 14 months have now passed since you were brought in to Ocean View Flats to convert our Foyer and Entrance Down-lighters as well as all our outside property and Parking Deck Floodlights to LED Technology. As a result of the time that has now passed we are now in a position to compare our actual savings year on year as against what we were spending before.

We have been pleasantly surprised to find that this conversion to LED Lighting is actually saving Ocean View Body Corporate between R2,500 and R3000 per month and that our consumption units have dropped by 40% comparative to a 4 month period from the previous year. This is a very beneficial and meaningful saving and has rendered the initial Capital outlay more than justifiable!

A decided but very welcome side effect of this installation is that our Foyer is so much cooler now than it was before! Due to the low wattage of these equivalent down-lighters we no longer are experiencing the sauna like environment that was created by the 60 or so 50 Watt Down-lighters that we had before.

At least our Security staff can now work in comfortable conditions! One final benefit is that we have not replaced one single Downlighter or Flood LED since your installation confirming all initial claims of a much longer working life for such LED products.

All in all we consider the outcome to date a total success and it has certainly proved to be a well worthwhile exercise.

Best Regards,

Brian Kirsch

Chairman of Trustees Ocean View Flats
Beach road,
Sea Point


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